Seminar by E.A. Hunter: Understanding Nature through Hymns and Maths: Proclus’ De Sacrificio and his Commentary on Euclid, September 27 2023, 4-5pm in Lecture Theatre A. Tea in the common room from 3:30pm. Contact Isobel Falconer if you wish to attend a meal afterwards. Abstract.

Seminar by Richard Oosterhoff on mathematics and politics at the court of King Henry III of France (1540s), November 22 2023, 4-5pm. Title and details to follow.

Seminar by Maria Kiladi on the history of eugenics, December 6 2023, 2-3pm. Details to follow.

Isobel Falconer and Ursula Martin (Edinburgh & Oxford) have started a new network, Scotland’s Historians of Science @scothistsci

History of Mathematics

St Andrews is a renowned centre for the study of the History of Mathematics.

The group is based in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, and runs the well-known MacTutor History of Mathematics website

Group members include:

We have graduated a number of PhD students in this area. Current PhD students are Kate Hindle and Martin Macbeath.

St Andrews runs a popular honours-level undergraduate course on the History of Mathematics. We run a module in our Evening Degree programme

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